SCOUT-CAP: Pneumonia

Cumberland Pediatric Foundation partners with Vanderbilt in community-acquired pneumonia trial

Buddy Creech, M.D., M.P.H., and Derek Williams, M.D., M.P.H., are the lead investigators for SCOUT-CAP, an NIH-sponsored multicenter, placebo controlled trial that compares the efficacy of shorter therapy for children with community-acquired pneumonia. The study aims to enroll 400 outpatient children at five study sites across the country.

In Nashville, children are being recruited from Vanderbilt’s pediatric emergency department and clinics as well as several community pediatric practices. The study team has partnered with the Cumberland Pediatric Foundation (CPF) to engage pediatric practices in the Nashville area.

CPF’s Medical Director and research champion Dr. Robert Lillard (The Children’s Clinic of Nashville) says:
“The SCOUT-CAP study is a perfect example of how community and academic physicians can partner together to make improvements in children’s healthcare. Participating pediatricians gain not only by discovering optimal treatments for their patients, but also by developing stronger relationships with specialists at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.”

CPF’s board enthusiastically supports these research efforts; board member Dr. Michael Ladd (Green Hills Pediatric Associates) noted that:
“This is a great study. The information we are collecting helps to determine the best antibiotic course for small kids with pneumonia. This is tremendously applicable to all pediatricians and we are happy to be involved.”

If you would like to hear more about the study, or have a child with pneumonia that you think may be a good candidate, please contact the study coordinator, Mary Jones, RN at mary.jones@Vanderbilt.Edu or (615) 379-7227 or Derek Williams, M.D. at

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– Trumenba