Benefits of the CPF Vaccine Program

FREE online access to the Member Resources section that includes videos for CME, general education, workshops, and more.

Free access, as requested, to Pediatric Care Online under the AAP’s Point-of-Care Solutions. This benefit is provided through CPF’s-paid subscription to Pediatric Care Online.

Free attendance to the Cumberland Pediatric Foundation’s Practice Administrator’s Meeting (PAM) held annually in downtown Nashville. Email for more details regarding the next CPF PAM.

Free access to our other savings programs for your practice:

  • medical waste
  • telecommunications
  • answering service and triage
  • employee benefits broker
  • managed IT services
  • graphic/web design and marketing services, and more.

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We are always working to increase our member benefits. Future benefits include: MOC credit, podcasts, reimbursement calculator, portfolio analysis, marketing consulting. 

Have an idea for a benefit? We would love to hear from you. Please email