EPA Asthma Coalition Project

CPF is partnered with the Tennessee Asthma Coalition (TAC), a nonprofit volunteer group of air quality and asthma subject matter experts in TN, to address asthma and indoor air quality issues in public schools through an EPA-funded project titled “School Air Quality and Asthma Evidence-Based Interventions.”

The grant project, managed by CPF, will engage 10 pilot schools through: 1) In-person visits addressing a school’s current adherence to the American Lung Association’s Asthma-Friendly Schools guidelines, conducted by TAC members; 2) Provide each visited school with an Asthma Action Plan that includes a variety of resources to improve asthma and air quality issues inside the school; 3) Follow-up visits to gauge improvements made after Asthma Action Plan is put into place.

The main goal of the project is to improve the school environment and air quality for students with asthma and raise awareness in the public school system of the need to reduce asthma triggers. For more information, please contact CPF Program Manager Preston Spencer at preston.spencer@vumc.org.

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– Trumenba