Vaccine Contracts

PIP is organized as a physician buying group (PBG) that has negotiated deep discounts on pediatric, adolescent, adult, flu and travel vaccines. The manufacturers offer these discounts as they anticipate brand-loyalty and therefore increased volumes from the practice. The PIP Program has practically everything you need for your immunizations program, and all of it is available with NO COST to participate.

How does it work?

  • Choose portfolio of products

           * see portfolio offerings below

  • Join PIP‘s vaccine discount program 
    • Step 1:   Complete “Sign-up Now” form below to confirm eligibility
    • Step 2:  PIP will review program pricing with you
    • Step 3:   Complete buying agreement
  • Order Vaccines at lowest available price point
  • PIP receives funds for vaccine purchases to provide programs benefits  that support health care physicians

Explore CPF Portfolio Offerings

PIP's Physician Buying Contract

Group Purchasing Contracts

based on typical group purchasing contract

Both types of contracts help practices gain savings on vaccines, but PIP does it better with better pricing, and for the small businesses too.